Pest Kill 247 Cleaning profesional services & Professional magazine service company

Pest Kill 247 Cleaning profesional services & Professional magazine service company

Trading, Service and Technical Co., Ltd. PEST KILL 247 is a unit with a long time of experience and pioneer in the field of industrial hygiene in Vietnam.

Currently, Pest Kill 247 provides many different services that are efficient, effective, and inexpensive, giving customers a clear, hygienic, and safe living space. We are proud to be one of the professional industrial cleaning companies trusted by many customers for many years.

During the method of staying or building, you are busy with work, want to shorten the time to use, to be able to solve your problems and concerns, we provide house cleaning service in Ho chi minh city. , apartments, professional competitive price

You will find so many units in the marketplace that it’s difficult to find out which to choose. So we’re here to come up with the criteria that best suit each home. Let’s take a consider the criteria that individuals will give you to customers such as for instance

-Always probably the most prestigious service on the market

– Improve the sense of responsibility

-Bring the very best service experience to customers

– If you like, you is likely to be charged

· Below is the conventional procedure that we apply to the customers after we have visited in the home

Before cleaning the ground, it is necessary to find out what type of floor needs cleaning so that it could be cleaned in accordance with the material of a floor to avoid damage.

Step 1: First, we pick up the coarse garbage, vacuum, take action gently in order to avoid dust flying in the air to affect everyone.

Step 2: Evaluate the amount of stain treatment

Step 3: Use specialized industrial cleaning chemicals blended with water in the correct ratio, then put in the scrubber and proceed to wash the ground, using modern scrubbing machines such as for example scrubbers. , brush tray to scrub a floor to remove stains on to the floor

Step 4: Absorb dirty water on to the floor with a vacuum cleaner, before floor is truly dry and clean

Step 5: Check the past time that the stains you’ve cleaned are clean, or even, when they meet up with the standards and customer satisfaction.

When using the service of Pest Kill 247 Cleaning services company, all processes are performed in a methodical manner, using specialized chemicals for each stain, each material to avoid damaging the surface. We’ve modern machinery and equipment and a team of professional staff with extensive experience brings satisfaction to customers.